Jimmy Sammarco, Video Producer, Cinematographer, Story Teller

John Deere Product Intro Show


For many years Jimmy has shot pretty much all of John Deere’s product line, from their smallest tractor to their largest.  This featured project was a post production project in which Jimmy was hired to supply the post for 36 videos for John Deere’s massive month long product introduction show.  18 videos for the live show and 18 videos for the display floor shown at each of the product stations.  Jimmy put together a team of 7 people including editors, graphic artist, and musicians as well as auditioned, hired, and managed the VO artist that voiced all the videos.  He acquired and managed all the footage from John Deere Corporate and project managed the entire process in addition to editing a large number of the videos himself.  Jimmy was also hired to go out and shoot additional footage to fill holes in some of the videos that didn’t have coverage, specifically John Deere’s impressive technology solutions.

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