Jimmy Sammarco, Video Producer, Cinematographer, Story Teller


Hear what people have to say…

Of course he has an artful eye and can masterfully frame up a shot, but one of his greatest assets (aside from being amazingly cool) is his passion for story. Jimmy’s ability to think critically about the intent of the narrative and offer his expertise on everything from scripts, to talent, to the final touches in the editing suite are the things that make him a rock star.
Daniel Schambow, Creative Director, Fullhouse

There is nothing I can put into words that explains just how talented Jimmy is. All you need to do is view a few minutes of his work. He has outstanding customer service, always goes “above and beyond” on a video shoot, and is a true pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him again and again.
Darrell Boeck, Owner/Creative Director, Creative Images, LLC

Jimmy Sammarco is, without question, one of the most gifted producers and directors in Milwaukee, and perhaps the U. S. His ability to bring the world alive through the lens is unmatched in my experience. Perhaps more importantly from a business perspective, his dedication and reliability allow you to sleep better at night. If he says that he will get it done, then it will be done… and done right.
John Roush, President, Geronimo Promotional Marketing, Inc

I have had the pleasure to work with Jimmy Sammarco as a coworker at Fullhouse and also I’ve since hired him as a freelancer. I know that I can always count on Jimmy to deliver creative solutions to every video project. He has an amazing eye and his attention to detail ensures that every shot and every video project exceeds the clients’ expectations. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone who is looking for a creative, detail-oriented producer/director/videographer/director of photography. And as an added bonus, he is a genuine, nice guy who is a pleasure to work with!
Julie Salchert, Vice President, Fullhouse

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Jimmy, and the pleasure was all mine. My background is not centered on video production, so many times I was forced to count on and trust him to “make it look right” or “fix it in post”. He always exceeded my expectations by actually making it look awesome and perfecting it in post. To say Jimmy has a keen eye and a knack for video direction and bringing out the best in every shot would be a blatant understatement. Jimmy is a consummate professional both on the shoot and behind the editing room door. But my favorite trait of his is his ability as a “creative” to involve the account-side “suits” and even invite and appreciate their feedback and ideas. Beyond all that, Jimmy is a family man and gentleman first and foremost. He’s one of my favorite people to go have a beer with, whether we’re talking shop, families or guy stuff. I hope for and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with him again someday soon.
Drew Myer, Account Executive, Red Brown Kle’ Marketing Communications

Jimmy is the best shooter in Milwaukee. He has it all – talent, creativity, follow-through. Hire him.
Robin Shea, VP/PR Director Ellingson Brady Advertising

Working with Jimmy was always such a pleasure. He is a true professional and has the unique ability to multi-task and do it all really well. On many projects, he simultaneously produced, directed, shot video, and in some cases did the editing. In addition, he had a way of connecting with the clients and the people that were being filmed, making them feel comfortable and getting the best possible result. I would recommend Jimmy highly, and would love to work with him again in the future.
Merrick Pearson, Account Supervisor, Fullhouse

Dear Jimmy, thank you for the time and the expertise you provided to make the Quarterly Financial Review meeting such a success. I know this was no small feat and you had to overcome a number of challenges. However, you helped build the foundation for how we’ll communicate in the future, bringing together three locations live and broadcasting to our facilities across the country. Please accept my personal thanks and congratulations for a job well done. This was an outstanding team effort and your partnership on this project was greatly appreciated. Cheers!
Leo Kiely, CEO, MillerCoors

I JUST watched The Me You See video and I can’t even describe what I’m feeling!! It’s 7:30 in the morning and I think my mind was just BLOWN AWAY!!! That is the sickest video EVER!!! OMG!!! I am SO going viral with this and I’m going to work my butt off to get it out there . . . I’m almost SPEECHLESS it’s so WICKED-SICK!!!!!! My eyes were literally watering up because it was SO damn AMAZING!!!!
Tina Peek, PR Manager, Rat Pak Record

Jimmy loves to tell a story, be it through concepting, the lens, or edit. His work always looks beautiful. The quality of his work for the Scott Towels, MillerCoors Training, and World Series of Poker National Spot is awesome. The shots are always beautifully lit and are rich in visual interest and depth. It is this type of quality and detail that helps set our productions apart from others in this market.
Brian Honts, Production Department Supervisor, Fullhouse

We showed the DVD to our security seminar in Florida that is attended by some law enforcement and FBI personnel and by security directors of the retail jewelry chains. We got an excellent reaction. The cops really loved it, and all wanted copies to share with the appropriate units in their departments. More surprisingly, several major security directors at retail jewelry chains, such as Cartier, said he wanted to show this video to all the company’s new employees. We are beginning a well-targeted distribution. We have also begun talks with the FBI to put it on the LEO website.
John Kennedy, President JSA

Dear Jimmy, words cannot adequately express my appreciation for your outstanding work on the Oklahoma 4-H centennial video. It is a huge hit! 4-H counties, clubs, and volunteer leaders are asking to use the video for their honor banquets and other special events. This is a wonderful marketing and visibility tool for our centennial. We are deeply grateful to you. All the best.
Cathy Shuffield, Executive Director, Oklahoma 4-H Foundation

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work. It’s very clear to see that you are serious and passionate about your work. You have an excellent way of relating to people. You know how to get the best from them while maintaining a real sense of eagerness and sternness at the same time remaining very tactful. Your patients combined with your vision while on set is absolutely remarkable. You really keep things together very nicely. I really feel like I can give you those props because I deal with so many people in the same fashion everyday while working at Bon Ton. I know how hard it is working on set with a bunch of people. But you have the added stress of dealing with location and extras and everything else that goes into getting things done right while making a film.
Dale Reince, Staff Photographer, Bon Ton